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Welcome to our site where you will find information to help train, motivate and develop your staff.

Our purpose is to provide high quality, value-added development experiences that have a positive impact on our customer's performance.

Since starting as a training provider in Scotland, United Kingdom back in 1993, Applied Performance Development ( APD ) has developed a reputation for being responsive, enthusiastic and easy to do business with.   We believe this comes from our passion ( which we are told is contagious ) for helping organisations and individuals develop their performance potential.

As people are an organisation's most valuable asset, getting them "engaged" and "passionate" about all areas of their contribution is essential, if you want them to take your business forward.     Let us help you with that engagement process.

Quote: "Just wanted to say thank you for the inspiration which went hand in hand with sound advice and great tips.  It has all stood me in good stead and is proving a good reference tool.  Must revise my notes again.
Lovely to meet you."    
Jo Davidson, The Mungo Foundation

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